Online Education, pitch deck design

The platform featuring pioneering artists speaking the universal language of hair. Global. Creative. Diverse.

The first online education platform, featuring tutorial videos from the best pioneering hair stylists , translated into 6 languages and sold internationally from a multilingual website.

HAIRTRIBE, pitch deck, 2020

Leaf Hair Tools
LHT Platform, pitch deck design

A premium Japanese steel hairdressing scissor designed to suit all hairdressers no matter their level of experience.

Leaf Hair Tools, presentation design, 2020

Root7 Products

Animation and editorial design for Root7 Products.

Root7 Products, 2020

Nahlife Products
Product Design, Animation
100% natural Montmorency cherry concentrate
Sports recovery. Endurance. Sleep. High BP. Gout. Arthritis.

Digital static and motion design that brings Nahlife Products to life.

Product Design, Animation, Social Media 2020

Space Probe Passenger
Diary of An Unknown Solider
Berlin Sci-Fi Fesstival,
Cannes Film Festival, movie posters

Space Probe Passenger, poster
Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest

Diary of An Unknown Solider, poster
Cannes Film Festival Awards

Movie posters, 2020

Gabriela Cygan
London, UK